Flint Lives Matter – Palm Sunday Concert – Albert Strickland & ChoZen – Flint, MI

Earlier this year, I heard about Albert Strickland’s plans for a concert in his hometown of Flint, MI.  I knew I wanted to capture this event.  As most have already heard, Flint is undergoing a huge water crisis that was perpetuated by the need for politicians to cut corners and make deals with little to ne regard for the very people that elected them.  What’s going on in Flint is a crime against humanity that borders on mass genocide.  Ironically, you can be anywhere in Michigan and not be more than a few hours away from the some of freshest water on the planet, yet we have a around 100,000 residents of a major city that don’t have access to clean drinking water.  The Flint situation has been going on for years and it looks as if it will be a few more years before it is resolved.  We can’t even imagine what the city of Flint has been dealing with.  The CoZen Palm Sunday concert was a great opportunity to minister to and uplift the residents.  Special shout out to Flint native Vi’Nessa Webster for photographing the event with me. Flint holds a special place in her heart and I know it’s always emotional trip back home.  

Congratulations Albert and Chozen on a job well done!



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