The Way I See It – by AP2 Photography – Gallery Opening Reception, Third Perk Coffeehouse & Winebar – Dayton, OH

Sometimes God places people in our lives in the most random and, by what seems at the time coincidental chances.  If we aren’t careful, we will take those opportunities as just happenstance.  I’m a firm believer in nothing really just happens.  Everything is orchestrated for a purpose.  Back in 2012, I tweeted out something very general about an upcoming conference we were about to attend in Las Vegas.  Aaron saw the tweet and noticed that I too was an African American photographer headed to Vegas for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International).  He replied, we talked via twitter for a week or so before Vegas.   We linked up at the conference and found that we were on very similar paths in life and photography.  Fast forward 5 years later and that random networking opportunity has become a friendship.  Aaron is always learning and grinding.  On days where I’m discouraged from the trials that come with entrepreneurship or days where I’m just not feeling it, I always get a text from Aaron with a dope image he shot or something creative that he’s been cooking up.

When he began telling me about his vision for a print exhibit, and things started to fall in place, I knew it would be dope.  I also knew that I had to be there for the opening.  The event took place at Third Perk Coffee House and Wine Bar in Downtown Dayton.  Aaron, his wife Carrie, and their daughter Aaryn were joined by family, friends and associates this past Saturday for an evening of fellowship and fun.  Special shout out to their daughter Jaylin who couldn’t be there in person, as she is completing her freshman year at Howard University.  She did make a FaceTime appearance at some point in the evening. Be sure to check out her blog at

I had seen a lot of the images prior to the reception, but only in digital files via iPhone or iPad.  Seeing them in print is total different experience.

I was blessed to be able to capture the evening.  The following is just a small sample of the love that was shown. 

Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar

Aaron welcomes family and friends

Cleavon “Professor X” Matthews captivating the crowd with some dope spoken word

Professor X in collaboration with cellist Ron Walker
Cellist Ron Walker doing his thing!

Ron Walker’s gift print

Third Perk owner opening her gift print


yearly, AP2 Photography sponsors a high school senior who otherwise would not be able to afford portraits. The processes from the raffle will go towards a class of 2017 senior
Mr & Mrs Paschal
We’re both usually behind the camera, but we had to grab a pic together

We had a great weekend in Dayton.  I left feeling blessed, grateful and most importantly inspired.

Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another


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